My presentation for DDD Melbourne by Night: “Love at First Sight with Azure Logic Apps”

I was one of the presenters in DDD Melbourne by Night held on June this year. In less than 15 minutes, I tried to show the magic of Logic Apps and how easy is to fall in love at first sight with it. Here my slides,

Happy Clouding!


My presentation at the Global Azure Bootcamp 2017 Melbourne about Building “Serverless” Integration Solutions with Logic Apps

I participated as a speaker in the Global Azure Bootcamp 2017, Melbourne. The bootcamp was held in around 250 locations across the globe and we were presenting topics on the Dev and IT Pro tracks. My session was about Building “Serverless” Integration Solutions with Azure Logic Apps. Below is the slide deck I presented. I hope it’s helpful and you enjoy it.


Happy Clouding!

My presentation at the Global Integration Bootcamp 2017 Melbourne about Logic Apps with Azure Functions and the Magic of “Serverless” Integration

I participated as a speaker in the Global Integration Bootcamp 2017, Melbourne. The bootcamp was very hands-on and participants had the chance to work with Azure API Management, Logic Apps, Azure Functions, BizTalk Server, Service Bus, and API Apps. My session was about using Logic Apps and Azure Functions to build Serverless Integration Solutions. In case you are interested, here are my slides. I hope they are helpful and you enjoy them.


Happy Clouding!